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PM's wont leave outbox

SpBarksSpBarks Posts: 21
I've always been able to send pm's before but now they wont actually send but sit in the outbox, any suggestions?


  • GrillGrill Posts: 5,610
    edited August 2014
    They stay there until they've been read by the person you're sending them to.
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  • SpBarksSpBarks Posts: 21
    Ah that's great, thanks
  • I've got the same 'issue', so just to confirm this is not an 'issue' at all?
    Just find it a bit strange and misleading as generally 'outbox' means 'outbox' i.e. not sent but awaiting to be sent.
    If it's the case then 'Outbox' should be rename to 'Sent', and 'Sent' to 'Received'???

    (EDIT. Just read the FAQ. This is normal behaviour apparently).
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