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cyclo cross bikes - advice please

protoproto Posts: 1,483
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Thinking of having a go at cyclo cross this winter and need to buy a bike. I've been doing my homework and it would seem £1000/£1200 gets you something pretty decent. Bike would also get pressed into service as a commuter on occasion. Cycle to Work scheje us an optionbut limits purchase price.

One dilemma is over what braking system.
Cantis still used by plenty of pros, simple, effective, light. Wheel rims take a battering
Discs, more stopping power, heavier, less reliable(?)
And if discs, anything wrong with mechanical or is hydraulic worth the extra?

Someone suggested going down a frame size. Good advice?

And finally, drive train. Double 46/36 seems to be a popular choice, but there are a few bikes with single front rings. One assumes lighter and more reliable(?), any views?

Any handy tips and advice much appreciated. Thanks.
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