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KSLev SeatPost

mark~pmark~p Posts: 55
edited August 2014 in MTB general
Has anyone any experience of fitting one of these?
I have just spent a whole day mucking about trying to get the Integra version installed and working. I just cannot believe the problems I have had on what is supposed to be a premium piece of kit.

Outer - cable pulled though, the mechanism will not operate.
Muck about and finally get it to at least release.
Now it will not lock again.
Take everything off and try it on the bench: it just about operates.
Take cable off and it is perfect.
Look closely at the cable and it is the cheapest piece of outer that I have come across there is so much friction it barely moves. Inner is black painted so no clue as to it being stainless or not but based on the outer, one would assume not!
Straighten and lubricate, no difference. The conclusion is that the cable is the cause of all the problems.

Redo everything again using some Shimano out and it magically starts working. There is more pressure required than I would have expected on the lever (small piece of plastic junk!) to make it operate. Also the mechanism relies on the cable out moving in relation to the inner. It is the termination of the outer that presses on the control knob. Utterly stupid piece of design as the cable is restrained.

I do not see the standard unit being much better although you never know, it may not require any external cable movement.

Comments welcomed.....


  • warpcowwarpcow Posts: 1,448
    It's a problem that's unique to the integra version. The standard Lev just pulls cable like anything else, and works very well. As you said, "utterly stupid".
  • paul.skibumpaul.skibum Posts: 4,068
    I have the Integra on my Bronson - I fitted it in about 40 minutes, right first time no issues. Did you read the instructions and watch the online video or did you just f*ck about with it?

    Measure exposed post of old seatpost to rails (or top of saddle if you like), remove old seatpost.

    Feed outer into frame, get it the right length to the lever on the bars, mark the point where it emerges from seat tube

    Take amount of exposed old post off length of new lev - difference between two mark on outer below mark where out emerges from frame above.

    Cut outer

    Feed inner into outer, fit to seat post, insert seatpost pulling outer through as you go.

    Fit inner to lever, jiggle about a bit to make sure everything is seated.

    Go outside and play.

    Right first time for me, no issues. If you push the outer into the frame it will make the mechanism engage so seat drops - dont do that. Make the cable run smooth so cable can move the very small amount it needs to. My frame does not have the smoothest line for the cable but I have no issues with engaging the mechanism.
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  • paul.skibumpaul.skibum Posts: 4,068
    The inner on mine was synthetic, black material like you describe but not metal. The outer was perfectly fine too. No significant friction.

    The V2 operates by cable movement rather than outer with a change to the mountaing system at the base of the post. The non integra also has no outer movement for actuation.

    You dont like the lever? I think its loads better than the reverb and sturdier. Friend of mine said the same vs his reverb and liked the feel of the post in comparison.
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  • mark~pmark~p Posts: 55
    Yeah, followed the instructions, most of the issue has been the cable. The inner is steel with black paint on. The outer looked like any cheap gear cable. I have not seen the Rockshox so trust others comments on quality. It just looked a bit basic against XT shifters or Magura brakes.
  • CitizenLeeCitizenLee Posts: 2,227
    The Reverb is quality and the lever very sturdy. I bought RH to mount upside down on the left - keep it out the way and positioned more like a front mech gear shifter.

    I might not say the same when it comes to paying £50 for a service, but's it's certainly a breeze to fit and works like a charm.

    They're the most popular for a reason really :D
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  • paul.skibumpaul.skibum Posts: 4,068
    I probably would have got the Reverb if I could have got the 100mm drop at wholesale like I could with the Lev but I am totally happy with the Lev and I like that there is no bleed issues to connect it up. I like the lever as I say, has an easy action and the cable on mine is definitely a synthetic not black painted wire.
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  • mcnultycopmcnultycop Posts: 2,143
    Southpaw lever and proper cable and outer and mine feels miles better (non-integra).
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