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Disc brake problem

rajdavrajdav Posts: 42
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I have some Hayes Sole hydraulic brakes on my MTB.

After not using the bike for a few months I discovered rear brake doesn't work at all - they just push through with no effect.
At the brake lever it seems all sticky with a small amount of fluid coming out when I depress the brake. I have noticed that there seems to be a tiny cap missing from that side.

Can anybody help as how to fix this?

Can I replace the fluid and put a new cap on - if so how?

Any help much appreciated.

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  • oh dear

    You'll need to rebleed the brakes which means you need some brake fluid (£5) and a brake bleeding kit compatible with that brake set. You'll also need to figure out exactly what this 'cap' is that is missing and how it came to be missing. They normally have a screw in valve so not sure exactly how something could have just 'fallen off'.

    I've only done it with with Avid brake sets, but I'm sure if you google and youtube 'how to bleed Hayes sole brakes' you'll get all the info you need.
  • cooldadcooldad Posts: 32,601
    Depends where the leak is at the caliper - the hose connection, the reservoir? And what the tiny cap is.
    Once you know you know what to fix, them fill and bleed.
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