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HED Belgium C2 + With TRP CX 9's?

landdnllanddnl Posts: 64
edited August 2014 in Cyclocross
Forgive the stupid questions, but I'm spec'ing out my first cx bike and know nothing about the brakes. From what I've read, rim clearance is pretty close with this type of brake. Is it because of rim width or cable pull? Also, with 105 10sp shifters, will the 8.4's perform just as good(adjustable noodle)? Also, does it make any sense to go with 28mm GP 4000s II, since I'll be using this for commuting, riding on finely crushed rock trails(sometimes long distance/sometimes to get to more hilly terrain to practice climbing(paved roads), or go with something wider, and if so, what?


  • Monty DogMonty Dog Posts: 20,614
    Shimano for CX9 and SRAM/Campagnolo for CX8.4s - both have adjustable noodles. If the rim is too wide you can swap the spacers on the brake pads. I'm running 41mm tyres with Velocity A23s on bike with CX8.4s and if can be a squeeze getting them past the pads but you can wind-off the noodles. GP4000s are too prone to cuts for mixed-use IMO - try Schwalbe Durano Plus.
    Make mine an Italian, with Campagnolo on the side..
  • landdnllanddnl Posts: 64
    Monty Dog wrote:
    Shimano for CX9 and SRAM/Campagnolo for CX8.4s - both have adjustable noodles.

    I must have been reading an old review, because what was said there was the CX9 didn't have the noodle, and the CX8.4 did. Just looked at the TRP website and lo and behold, there's a noodle on that there CX9! Thanks for the information.
  • devhadsdevhads Posts: 236
    Shimano for CX9 and SRAM/Campagnolo for CX8.4s

    Is that based on cable pull and arm length. I'd been thinking about upgrading my Tektro 926-AL brakes and couldn't decide on the TRP 8.4 or 9. The 926 have 8cm arms and they work fine with my Ultegra 6800 levers so thought despite the recommendation for 9s with Shimano I'd go for the 8.4 as I'd prefer more rim clearance. I don't need the extra power of the 9s as the 926 are powerful enough.

    As it happens I've decided to keep the 926 and just replace the noodles with ones with an adjustable barrel. I've got Grifo 32 tyrese and find it hard to remove the wheel so I'm going to hacksaw 2-3 mm of the noodle end so it unhooks easier for wheel removal. From what I've heard I'm not convinced £70-80 is going to get me much more stopping power than my 926ALs, although they do look a whole lot better.
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