Purely superficial - which bike do you prefer looks wise?

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I'm in the market for a new bike and have narrowed it down to either the Cannondale Supersix Hi Mod Dura Ace in team rep colours (the only colours they do in this model), or the Focus Max 4 2015 model. Both very similar spec so purely on looks I can't seem to decide and I'm shallow enough to admit other's opinions matter (only a small amount though).




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  • iPete
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    Prefer the Canondale frame shape with the near flat head tube but the focus would be easier to dress with, v.important ;)
  • letap73
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    What about last years nano black at discount?

  • Philly8mt
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    Out of the two you suggest I'd go Cannondale .... But .... I think letap73 has a point :)
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  • Focus
  • rolf_f
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    Focus is dull and drab and looks like any other stealth bike out there (see - someone even stuck some random white insulation tape on it in a vain attempt to try to liven it up a bit!). The Cannondale is a bit busy but at least it is interesting to look at.
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    Do you want to stand out or fade into the background
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    Black bikes just look dull.

    Green and white is certainly not dull and is actually rather jaunty.

    Mind you, I own a Lapierre so you can safely disregard my opinion.
  • letap73 wrote:
    What about last years nano black at discount?


    If you can get me last years nano for about 3k I'll bite your arm off!
  • SCR Pedro
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    Every bike looks worse in black. No exceptions.

    The former Focus Team-Milram bikes looked fantastic, especially with Lightweights.

    The Lapierre FdJ team bike also looks great, but looked better with the old team logo.
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  • My money goes with the Cannondale. Sweet looking ride.
  • djp66
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    Cannondale for me
  • Typical Cannondale. Great looking frame, hideous paint.
  • StillGoing
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    Focus. Cannondales are almost as common as Specialized, Giant, Scott, Bianchi and Trek round here.
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  • mercia_man
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    I personally prefer the look of the Focus or the Nano Black. I want a bike to look classy and understated rather than having garish paint jobs plastered with acronyms and gobbledygook about the frame's technical features.

    But then we are all different. Taste is such a personal thing. And I suspect many people buy bikes based on what other people say rather than what might be best for them. Peer pressure is a big factor in an image obsessed activity like cycling.
  • diamonddog
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    Focus for me.
  • gabriel959
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    I prefer the Cannondale but then black frames are a bit boring IMO.
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    Typically, there's a few nicer looking Cannondale colour schemes in the US and Continent. The Black/Grey Dura Ace is pretty nice, as is the black/white Dura-Ace 1 with Mavic wheels. I think the Black/Grey/Matt Green Di2 frame is the pick of the bunch, barring the CAAD10 Track, which is 90's-tastic.

    Cannondale green doesn't look right in photos, anyway. It's a little paler in the flesh. Not subtle, exactly, but certainly not garish.
  • Dippydog2
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    If that is your short list it would be interesting to see what you rejected to get to it.
  • chippyk
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    Can't seem to insert a photo but a Bianchi Oltre with Super Record, in celeste, black and white with some Campag Bora wheels, white saddle and bar tape, celeste hoods and Super Record. Did I mention Super Record?