Anyone use a fizik alliante versus x? What they like?

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My selle royal seta sr is very hard to ride on and wondered if the titled would be more comfortable


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    The thing is - if someone replies and says it is a really comfortable saddle, they just mean it is a comfortable saddle for them. There's no guarantee that you will find it comfortable.
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    Saddles are worse than Chinese puzzles wheeled out at Christmas!

    I have an Alliante on my commuter - pure lazy of me as I have some spare saddles which are the same as the one I prefer for longer rides - Spesh Romin Evo Expert. On a Monday morning, if I have had a Sunday ride I don't half notice the lack of cut out for the first couple of miles!

    As the previous poster says, saddles are very much the opposite of 'one size fits all'.

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    Fizik do test saddles, you should be able to try one from your local bike shop that stocks Fizik.
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    As others have said, saddle comfort is personal. However, I have a Fizik Aliante Versus X (carbon rails) on my new bike. It's my new favourite saddle. More padding than my Selle Italia SLK, no pressure on my soft bits and no discomfort during 50 and 60 mile rides.

    I have good flexibility so in theory the Aliante VS X is less suited for me than say the Arione. But I think it's great. Its shape works well for me and I prefer it to the standard Aliante.