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Lost my Garmin - Gutted ?(Cannock)

saprkzzsaprkzz Posts: 592
edited August 2014 in MTB general
Riding at Cannock Chase this morning, and got 2/3's the way round the red route and looked down to see what mileage I had coverage (never been there before) and my Edge 810 was missing!! :cry::cry::cry::cry:

I take it the stem brackets shouldn't be used for MTB's? The unit was on properly as I have a habit of checking ALOT!.. but never saw it fly off, nor know when it came off!..

Has anyone else had a similar experience. Gutted as I was wearing a bum-bag, and really wish I had put it in that!.. Just didn't expect the bumps & Jumps to ping it off.

If there was any good person up there today that found one, please let me have it back!.. LOL.. Now all of you are going to go up there for a free Garmin!! :roll: :roll: :evil: :roll: :roll:


  • _Jon__Jon_ Posts: 366
    It might be worth posting in the unofficial chase trails Facebook group (search Facebook for "Chase Trails - Follow the Dog") to see if anyone's picked it up.

    Or ask the cycle shop / cafe if anyone's handed it in.
  • saprkzzsaprkzz Posts: 592
    Thanks, I will do that... I left my details with the bike shop, they said it surprising what gets handed in, "Bascially there is a lot of good people out there"... Iphones / Car Keys / Ipods etc.. fingers crossed
  • I appreciate it's no help now, but there's a good argument for always using the live tracking. Just send the tracking to your own email address, and at least you'd be able to see where the GPS trace stops.

    Hope you get it back.
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Did you actually go back and look for it?

    No problem using the stem mounts with my Edge 1000 (I've got the SRAM one), just unlucky on your part.
  • stubsstubs Posts: 5,001
    Too late now and I dont know if its possible on the Edge units but I use a lanyard on my gps and wrap it round the bars before I fit it in the mount. Its ended up dangling from the bars a few times.
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  • saprkzzsaprkzz Posts: 592
    I do have Live tracking, but didn't have it on. The only reason why I use it is so my missus can see if I am still alive on long

    My mate was showing me his iphone, and a function that comes standard where you can track its location, wish Garmin would put this on the GPS systems.

    Did go back a bit to try and find it, but we were an hour into the ride, so 2/3's the way in, and being one way system would be tough. It could of come off anywhere.

    I use a lanyard with my exposure head torch which has come in handy lots of times, when I have hit low branches, but there is no where you can do that with the Garmin's.

    Still very gutted to have lost it :(
  • CitizenLeeCitizenLee Posts: 2,227
    Your house insurance might cover you for things like this.
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  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    The Edge 1000 has a lanyard. Perhaps that's your replacement...
  • ProwlusProwlus Posts: 539
    edited August 2014
    Did it break off or come loose and fall off ?
    My stem mount for my gopro has broken off several times . Once on my mountain bike and twice on my roadie due to vibration the thing goes through every time I ride . I'm just lucky my gopro hasn't smashed into bits thanks to its casing .
    I wonder if i should get a chesty one instead
  • saprkzzsaprkzz Posts: 592
    No, I was using the quarter turn stem mount, and I suppose the vibrations and bouncing must have pinged it off, I didn't crash or hit anything.

    I was thinking of phoning house insurance, thanks for the reminder, hadn't originally thought I would be covered but its worth a phone call.
  • _Jon__Jon_ Posts: 366
    It might be worth contacting Garmin to complain. You never know, they might give you a discount on a replacement.
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