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Reading Festival

rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
edited August 2014 in The Crudcatcher
Queens of the Stone age on bbc 3. Holy **** they are on it tonight.
Anyone else enjoying the coolest ginger in the world and his band?


  • welshkevwelshkev Posts: 9,690
    I love QOTSA but a friend of mine went to school with josh home and says he's a bit of a censored .

    doesn't change the fact his music is awesome though 8)
  • rockmonkeyscrockmonkeysc Posts: 14,774
    I can believe he was a censored (no one stays in a band with him very long) but I think he is a musical genius as well.
    He sued Kyuss last year for using the band name without him in the band after he said he had no interest in reforming with them. If you ever want your ears pummeled to death, go and see Vista Chino (Kyuss's new name) live. An hour and a half of the most intense psychadelic metal non stop and very loud.
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