Prologo saddles on Ebay from asia

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I was looking on Ebay at a black prologo scratch pro t2.0 saddle in 143mm width ,there is a seller in Asia with 99.8% positive feedback and cost is £35 with free shipping. Anybody know if these are sound buys or most likely too good to be true ?
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  • mugensi
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    I bought one of these last year and it is near impossible to tell the difference between it and a genuine saddle without the use of digital kitchen weighin scales where the 40g difference shows up. I have examined a genuine Scratch and an ebay £28 one (do an international search and you'll find them cheaper than £35) side by side and theyre identical, the padding density, stitching, molding and markings are all the same,even the texture and feel of the material. There is no way that they can get 40g edditional weight from the padding or covering or even from the base and so the weight can only come from the rails. Maybe the genuine saddles have hollow rails and the ebay saddle solid rails, I'm not sure. They both feel identical to ride on. I firmly believe that they come from the exact same factory such is their likeness. I rode on my ebay one for 3 months and only sold it as i didnt get on with it in the ass dept and changed to a Prologo Kappa PAS.