Norco Sight Carbon

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hey I'm new to this forum and this is me new norco. hope the picture link works folks ... 211945.jpg


  • baz4388
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    How come there are very few people riding norcos on this site. they are very good spec bikes for the money?
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    That is a very nice bike! Where do you ride it and what's it like to ride?

    As for why there's not many Norco owners on here, I guess there's just that many different brands of bike. They do tend to be very popular in the US and Canada though, and Pinbike loved the Sight when they tested it. ... -2014.html
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    Yon dont see a huge number in Whistler to be honest, a fair few Aurums I guess but the Range and Sight are less popular than say the Trance, Santa Cruz's and others. In the UK you have to deal with Evans which might put people off!
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  • baz4388
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    its very nice to ride with it being the carbon frame, it is very easy to position on the trail and is very easy to get the front wheel up something that a few people have said is a bit harder with the 650b wheel size . I'm thinking of changing the stem to something a little shorter though when it gets steep i don't feel like I'm getting my weight quite far enough back.

    Midweek i just ride bridleways locally as I'm not close enough to any trail centres to get there after work. The closes place to me is cannock chase and i go there a fair bit. I am going afan for the first time next weekend which i am looking forward to.
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    Just so lazy people like me dont have to click the link :lol:
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