Shimano 6800 Front Derailleur

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Will be building up my Specialized Venge this weekend and will be installing Shimano 11 speed Ultegra.

I have purchased the derailleurs from Chain Reaction and have become aware from downloading the Shimano set up instructions that you need a 'Cable Installation Template' part number TL-FD68.

This was not supplied by Chain Reaction.

I have built a few bikes and set up many as routine maintenance, but this is the first time I have come across this.

Has anyone set up an Ultegra 11 speed front derailleur without one of these, is it essential to have and use one, not sure what the purpose is and can I not just use my old method of set up that I have used on older versions of Tiagra, 105 and 10 speed Ultegra ??

Also if it is necessary to use one of these things where do I get one from ....they don't seem to readily available.

Any advice would be appreciated


  • You dont need it. put the instructions in the bin and install as normal
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    No not essential. There are only 2 directions the cable can be clamped. there is a small tab that can be switched around by popping it out with a little hex key. Just try both paths and see which shifts better.

    the 6800 front derailleur needs more cable tension than tiagra,105 or 10 speed ultegra. You will need an inline barrel adjuster (if you dont already have one) to get the tension just right.
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    Regarding the inline barrel adjuster have already got one to hand to install ...thanks.
  • You should have got one with the FD. Get in touch with CRC and get them to send one through. You could probably manage without it but would save a whole load of grief if you have one.