Anyone own a Saris Bones 3 ?

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I bought one of these in 2010. As you can see in the advert in Procycling Magazine below, it is advertised as having a lifetime warranty and being built from non-rusting material.


Unfortunately, after getting back from a recent holiday in France, I noticed some evidence of rust on the metal clamps that the rack uses to attach to the vehicle.

I still have the receipt so I sent an email to the warranty department of the retailer I purchased it from.

Here is a picture of one of the clamps showing early evidence of rust - it looks like the powder-coated finish has blistered, exposing the metal to the elements.


The response I got was not encouraging:
Thank you for your email

I am sorry to say that issue is not something you would be covered for through the warranty.

The warranty from Saris only applies to manufacturing defects.

Sadly steel is susceptible to rust. With this being a natural process that occurs it would not be considered a defect.

So there it is for anybody out there considering purchasing a product from Saris.

Has anyone else with this product experience a similar deterioration? Are to clamps still made from powder-coated metal?

Any suggestions on how to proceed welcome.