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How might I lower my handlebars?

verminvermin Posts: 1,739
edited August 2014 in The workshop
Posted this on Road Workshop, but am posting here too in case someone who doesn't go over there much can help me.

Just took delivery of a Caad8. Seems a nice bike, but head tube is so tall that I can't get into any sort of comfortable position (I'm used to riding a Scott Foil, on which the bars are about 50mm lower).

Two really simple questions:

1. Can I replace the stem with a track stem (eg Deda Pista or Cinelli Pista)? Is there anything preventing the use of a track stem on a road bike. Are these two my best options for a cheap method of lowering the bar height, or should I look at alternatives (a flipped high-rise stem like the BBB BHS-25, perhaps)?

2. The bottom-most spacer under the stem is huge - about 20mm tall. Given that it's conical, is there a way to replace it and still provide protection to the headset. If not, do I even need to worry about protecting the headset, or can I simply do away with all spacers and seat the stem directly onto the top race (the bike is bought for the specific purpose of hammering into the ground on a 60 miles round trip daily commute)?



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