Wheel Upgrade Advice

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I know there is quite a few threads regarding Wheel upgrades. I was several months ago on here looking to try spend a few hundred quid on new wheels to the ones that came with my Specialized Alez Sport 2012 but am now looking to spend around some new wheels. After a punchy quick set of wheels that will hold well when cllimbing.

I will prob need them fitted at my LBS but before i make a fool of myslef, I know i need a Shimano Hub as previous advised but every wheel I look at says 10 or 11 Speed compatible but I thought I had 9??

So any advice on that and of course the wheels......I want to whurr like the riders on the many Sportif's i have rode this year lol :lol:


  • mugensi
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    There will most likely be a spacer on the freehub of your current wheels that you simply use with the new wheels. Most new wheels are 9/10/11 speed compatible and you use the spacer for 9 and 10 speed cassettes. If there is no spacer then they generally come with new wheels too (Mavic and Fulcrum/Campag supply one with new wheels)