New chainring prob?

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Hi my chain was worn so fitted new one but this new one slipped on the cassete, & the big ring so also, so iv'e fitted a new cassete new a & big ring.

Obviously I had left the old chain on to long it seems. The original cassete was pretty new & didn't look worn, but big ring teeth were visibly pretty worn & needed replacing.

The new chain runs ok on the new casette & the new big chainring, but the chain now rubs on the inside of new big chain ring while in the small ring & in the 4 small cogs on the 8 speed cassete. Its always rubbed if I cross chain on the smalleset cog, & slightly on the second one, but now its really bad up to cog 4.

Its a 53t ring rather than the old 52t wonder if this is part of the cause?


  • Yes, slightly larger diameter, also different manufacturing tolerances means it may be sitting slightly closer to the small chain ring.
  • Moonbiker
    Moonbiker Posts: 1,706
    I tried spacing it futher out by fitting washers on the chain bolts but that ruined the shifting :/.

    The crank & old chainring is miche & the new chainring is this campy victory,

    Can't seem to source a replacement miche big ring of the right 116 bcd.

    Think I will end up having to fit a new crankset.