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I'm looking into getting my first road bike to improve my fitness, I'm not looking to enter any competitions etc. I've been to local bike shops around my area and have narrowed my options within my price range (£500) to 2 bikes. The first is the limited edition Boardman Road Sport 2014 the second being a Cannondale CAAD 8 2300 2013 (the Cannondale Synapse 2300 2013 has also been considered). My question as a beginner and complete new comer to road bikes is which is the better option? I have been told the Cannondale has the better frame but the groupset on the Boardman is better (Shimano Claris v Shimano 2300) should I go with the better frame or groupset? Is there that much difference between the 2?

Also after trying both bikes for size the best fit Cannondale frame was 54cm but the Boardman was 51.5cm is it usual to have this much difference? I am 5'9" with 29" inside leg. There was an inch or so clearance on the Cannondale frame but none at all on the 53cm Boardman frame which is why I'd have to go for the 51.5cm.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.


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    I'd advise you to re-register here with an id that won't look stupid in a year's time when you've got 3000 miles under your belt :)
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    My advice would be to choose the bike with the better frame. The frame is usually the most expensive component - other things can be replaced or upgraded as they wear out. On that basis, of the options you list, the Cannondale is probably marginally in front despite the inferior groupset.

    However as I've advised another forum member - have a look at the Triban range from Decathlon. For your £500 you could get a Triban 500 with largely Shimano Sora within your budget. ... 06944.html

    Tribans are well regarded and have a bit of a cult following at the lower end of the price range for road bikes.
  • Thanks for the advice. A new Decathlon store has opened recently not too far away so I will see if I can give the triban 500 a test ride.
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    Better frame as you can always swop out and upgrade parts as and when they wear out or you feel like it & sell the used parts 2nd hand to offset the new cost (obviously not if they are totally knackered)

    I always suggest that people try the bikes too as each brand/model/size will feel different and you never know how you will get on, but as arlowood says the Triban gets good reviews and for the money you spend is a good first bike.
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    There's a Triban on the classified section at the moment for £200. If the frame is the right size for you, it's a decent price. Worth a look
  • Thanks all, after testing the triban and cannondale I've gone with a triban 500. So far very happy with my choice