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I'm allowed to use my phone and drive pal?????

SydCyclistSydCyclist Posts: 2
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On my way home home from work I came across this driver. Apparently, he is able to do things that no ordinary motorist is allowed to do like use his mobile while driving.

Should I have left him to his own devices or was I right to say something? My better half thinks I did it only for the video footage. Frankly, I'd like to think I've made a stand in the name of cycling safety. Anyway, rightly or wrongly here is the video:


  • damocles10damocles10 Posts: 340
    His smug face changed when you informed him he was on camera...
  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,494
    It wasn't clear if he was using the mobile whilst moving - although it is still technically illegal (I think) I wouldn't make a fuss if he was just dialling a number whilst stationary.
    If he was moving and you can show that then why not hand the footage in ... The worst they can do is ignore it ....
    And yes, he did stop over the stop line ..... Silly boy ....
  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,747
    The law prohibits 'use' while 'driving', the court usually hold that sat in traffic is driving (as it could move at any time) some people have had action taken for using a phone while parked with the engine running.
  • snigsnig Posts: 428
    nice one.

    he was trying to dodge the issue, first he tried saying he can talk on the phone, when the question was use/hold/tpye on the phone whilst driving not talking, then he says you were swerving to again get the focus of him.

    A right smart censored , he should have held his hands up and said yeah sorry mate I shouldn't be doing it.

    Some police forces takes this seriously some not so much, maybe worth finding out how your local one is and reporting him, even a friendly word from the police will make him think again.

    As for your GF, the reason you probably got the camera was because you were sick of seeing stuff like this so wanted to record it in case you could use it, so yeah the camera played a part but that's why it's there.
  • dave35dave35 Posts: 1,124
    Shoot me down, but although I hate seeing people on phones in a car-he was sitting at a set of lights and has a hands free earpiece on-he dialled a number-not moving and swerving all over the road whilst talking on the phone-as seen often in london.
    I don't think it was necessary for you to give him the " you're on camera and I'll tell the police" talk-sometimes cameras on bikes and the way we conduct ourselves on the road doesn't do us any favours.
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