Gothenburg - Malmo - Copenhagen - Berlin

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Hi folks,

We've booked our trip to fly to Gothenburg and return from Berlin, we've got plenty of time to spend some nights in Gothenburg on arrival (2), Copenhagen (1 or 2), and Berlin (3) at the end. Plan to use LBS cardboard boxes for the bikes, trust BA on weight allowance and getting them there and home, and camping as/when we want to. Hotels booked for Gothenburg and Berlin.

Looking for some advice and tips on:

(1) Route considerations or advice;
(2) Campsites in Germany (I understand no wild camping permitted?);
(3) Cheap accommodation in Copenhagen if not camping;
(4) Places to visit in Denmark as we have 28/8 - 17/9 all in;
(5) Getting a cardboard box from a LBS in Berlin (have used the CTC bag before but thought we would be limited due to kit etc).

Any advice or shared experiences would be much appreciated.

Many thanks


  • Recently in denmark and stayed 2 nights nr central station. we were on a 2 week tour. left bikes at hotel and walked round and arrived by train and left on train- hotel was nr cental station with secure storage. It was nothing special however. We ate a briliant breakfast brunch here ... -gdk466993. We took train to Falster - Ningkobing and carried on tour from there. but depends on your route. Svenborg and south of Funen was great. Given you are out of the main season would look at DK hostels as food is very expensive in Denmark and at least you can cook. We stayed on DK sites and had to join to use them but they had great cooking rooms. Some of them close on 31s August as their season is early. our route and photo are here. .. there was however a heatway ...
  • Passed through on route from Stockholm to the UK.

    We generally found Swedish roads empty so just choose one and ride it.

    for campsites in denmark ... glish.aspx is campsites which only cyclists and walkers can stay at (or some accept horse riders or rowers/kayakers). They only do the guidebook in danish - if you were more local to me I'd lend you my much-loved rather battered copy but I guess from your id you aren't! We only stayed at one (just 3 nights in Denmark) but it was one of the highlights of that tour.

    Tips for places to visit - depends what you like. I really liked the Danish National Art Gallery in Copenhagen and the Fuglsang Gallery in South Zealand but they are pretty traditional art (in superb buildings). Louisiana is another great art gallery on the northern edge of Copenhagen.

    For Germany we bought some of these maps which showed cycle paths and campsites. ... 000218.htm - Stanfords easily the best place for maps, even better if you can get to London or Bristol shop.