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I have a retro peugeot , im updating bits on it, might even add a new shimano 105 groupset to it, what i want to know is, how do these new stems attach? do you need a new headset ? or do they attach to the fork? ... prod121028

Sorry for being a bit thick, but things have changed over the years since i had mine.

Had my peugeot in 1989, and its still good.





  • You're going to struggle to use that stem with your current setup. You have an older "quill" stem, and the CRC one you link to is the more modern type. Modern ones clamp around the steerer tube that comes up from the forks and pokes through the top of the head tube. A quill stem slides into the steerer tube that ends at the top head tube bearing.

    This explains it all much better than I can.

    If you want to use a new-style stem, you're going to have to get new forks as well. I suppose you could cut off the front part of the quill stem, and bolt a new stem around the bit that's left, but it might not look too good (even if the quill was the correct diameter, which I doubt).
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    You don't need new forks, just buy a quill stem adaptor
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    Why do you want to change the stem?
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    DiscoBoy wrote:
    Why do you want to change the stem?

    This. There's not really much benefit other than better sealing from the elements which might make a difference if you leave it outside a lot but hopefully you are being nicer to the bike than that!

    It looks a very nice bike - I wouldn't do a thing to it. Except maybe put a Turbo saddle on it from Planet X.
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    i took a turbo saddle off it ,lol, was the original white one. 24 years old this bike.

    i just fancy a bit of updating, handlebar brake shifters, etc.

    Ive done about 300 miles on it in the past 2 months, got my average upto 17mph around hilly Derbyshire.

    I changed the front cog from a 52 42 to a 52 39, as my legs aren't as good as they were when i was 15-16 ,its a 12-24 on the back cog, im amazed what ratios are now, people have 34 on the front and 27 on the back, the hills must be so so easy these days.