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Anyone riding La Montrealaise on Sept 7th?

CoyoteCoyote Posts: 212 ... /parcours/

I'm lucky enough to be in Montreal on holiday when this is on so I've hired a bike and entered.

Anyone else riding or done previous events?

Biggest issue I have is how to get to the start in Candiac without a car early on a Sunday morning. If all else fails I'll ride it but it makes it a big day out for my wee legs!

If anyone has any local knowledge I would very much appreciate it being shared! :D


  • FoldingJoeFoldingJoe Posts: 1,327
    Had a quick look, just out of interest. 155km route only has 200m of climbing!! Sounds like my type of ride. :)

    Love the quote as well:

    "The longer course follows the rustic Circuit du Paysan (Countryman's Tour) in the Montérégie, once known as “Le jardin du Québec” (Québec's Garden). It shares some 80 km with the Green course, with a turn at the halfway point that takes riders on a scenic road just north of the U.S. border through the heart of the communities in Hemmingford Township and the Village of Hemmingford itself. It’s demanding owing to its distance, and is for superior-endurance riders who have no problem spending 4 to 6 hours in the saddle.
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  • CoyoteCoyote Posts: 212
    Well, I am on my holidays! :D:D:D
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