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Which hybrid sports bike up to £370?

GTBikeGTBike Posts: 5
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Hi everyone, don't know much about bikes, having bought my last one 12 years ago (a secondhand Luis McQuinn Tahoe mountain bike almost identical to this), which I've more-or less skinned to the edge of its life (maintained good tyres & brakes though).

Main activity: commuting about 5-10 miles a day on mostly roads, so have narrowed it down to a hybrid. Would prefer one without mudguards (will fit my own), so that rules out about 5 of the ones below. Could possibly stretch to £400 for something that was really worth it.

So the main question is, what is the best hybrid sports bike I could get for the money? Narrowed-down searches at Tredz (one of the main reasons I chose them is that the bike will come fully built):

Sorted by Most Popular - ... ce/197-369

Sorted by Price: low to high - ... ce/197-369

Sorted by Price: high to low - ... ce/197-369

Over budget search (no more than £400 though) - ... ce/369-625

Or, will consider any other bike from any other reputable store, & which is available to buy online in the UK.

Also, regarding my old bike - is it worth servicing (to use as a backup), & what is a reasonable figure to pay for this before I should just dump/give it away?

Many thanks :)


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