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Specialized Enduro Comp identify build and components

asav-asavasav-asav Posts: 3
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I bought a Specialized Enduro Comp bike from classifieds several years ago. I have used it about three times. But now I have decided that I will sell it. I have no idea what is important to describe either for me as a seller or useful info for a potential buyer. I also recall buying the bike from a real bike fanatic, who had a garage full of different components so I have a feeling it might not be the default build--so I hope people could help me to identify if it has had upgrades in places. My main questions are

1. What year specialized Enduro comp is it? The Specialized bike archives suggest to me it is the 2004 model, but I am just looking at aesthetics really... same colour and body work etc.

2. The above information is not much use if many of the components have been changed. Is this the case with my bike? What should I be looking for?

I attach some photos. I can add some more. A friend looked at the bike and noted a few things (they mean nothing to me).

Forks: Lockable say rockshox Pike on them

Brakes/shifters: shimano deore

deore front chain ring

deore xt rear deraileur

wheels: mavic 819 disc rim

tyre: front continental 2.4. back, specialized 2.3

Hope headset

Hope hub front

deore rear hub


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