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Help a charity and improve your mtb skills for a quid

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Hopefully this won't be seen as advertising really as its a charity thing. An old friend, who i'm only in touch with on facebook, has set up this charity called 'My million to one' whereby you join for a quid and have access to all sorts of seminars and courses etc. Once a million quid is raised the money will be used to build (i think) schools in Africa. One such course they have up at the moment is mountain biking skills courses, based in think in Yorkshire.

I know next to nothing about it, it just popped up on my news feed and given this was mtb related I thought I'd share. I've not got any real connections or opinions on the charity either way so don't hassle me if you think its amazing/awful!

Link below:

If it contravenes bikeradar forum protocol I'll remove the post
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