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Sony Action Cam AS100V

sprite1275sprite1275 Posts: 157
edited August 2014 in Commuting general
I've just bought one of these and its a fantastic can, image stabilisation works great on it and the IQ, vivid colours make for great video.

I've bought it for recording all sorts from recording the daughter playing/going on fairground rides/swimming etc to holidays/days out and of course out on bike rides.

Was wondering if anyone here has a Sony action cam, if so how do you mount it when cycling?

I took it out just to test it the other day and I strapped the curved mount to my camelbak strap on top of my shoulder. Gave pretty good results considering.


  • BSRUBSRU Posts: 74
    I use the headband mount(minus the headband) for attaching it to my helmet and RAM mounts for attaching to my bike.
  • sprite1275sprite1275 Posts: 157
    cheers. ive actually just bought these t320x320_fdd82d997168e79ee0bad980c77a9421.jpg?1408126719

    Bit hardcore but ill be using them for my X-S1 Bridge camera as well :wink: superb quality though and the camera will be going nowhere. still will get me a head mount of some sort.
  • BSRUBSRU Posts: 74
    A good bike mount and image stabilisation turned on makes for a smooth video.
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