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Best cyclo-cross bikes for £500-600?

grunters14grunters14 Posts: 2
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Hi All,

Looking to get into cycling for fitness and fun but also for the odd commute. I wanted a roadie for the fitness aspect but I think that it might hinder me in winter or on the commute or even riding on trails etc. It was suggested to me that a cyclo-cross bike is the perfect beginner bike for my needs. As it's a road bike with some alterations to allow the possibility for some more adventurous routes.

I'm looking for something with drops that will mainly be used on the road but still has that capability to go a little further.

From my own research I've found: ... e-ec053834 ... -bike-2014

Any opinions, or alternatives?

Thanks in advanced guys!


  • Both similar specs (Sora) one will likely be a bit lighter (rim brakes) and the other with heavier, but arguably a better design (disc brakes).

    Another one here,, better brakes than the Boardman I think. Again Sora spec, this time in steel.

    In my eyes one for best all rounders is the Specialized TriCross, its not a true CX bike, nor is it a road bike, but it fits in between, longer wheelbase and you get a very stable and comfortable ride, its no slouch, but its not light weight either. I have a 2009 Sport model, and I use it for commutes (on and off road), exploring (again on and off road - it will handle rough stuff) and on wet/winter road rides (either with wider road tyres or even spikes for ice etc). There are loads of these on Ebay, and if you are careful and know what you are looking for you can get some bargains, a lot of people buy them, then decide they need a road bike, or a cross bike etc. It would also lend itself well to touring if thats your thing.

    You have a limited budget, so they will all be much the same, try Edinburgh Cycles, they seem to have quite a range.

    Some here: ... -2014-sale
    really low end spec vs high prcie ... -2013-sale
    one size, nice price/spec

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