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Canti brake pad advice please

jonnoakjonnoak Posts: 54
edited August 2014 in Cyclocross
Hi, going to try some cyclocross this year and picked up a bike local to me but the pads are pretty much worn out.. Can anyone recommend some budget pads for a beginner please :)


  • I have some KoolStops and they seem effective. What brakes have you got?
  • jonnoakjonnoak Posts: 54
    Thanks for the reply, there currently tektro oryx so not the greatest. I got some pads from Halfords on the way home from work tonight as the ones on there were beyond the wear marks and was ment to meet some people on a cyclocross course tonight !! They do stop ok but not there greatest, so will do for now but might get some Koolstops for the front :)
  • I think my brakes are the same brand, mine are the standard KoolStops, not the Salmon types. Some people dont like them, they are not graby (like my road bike - shimano pads/shimano wheels) but do five a sense of control whilst slowing. Been used in dry, down pours and in sand :shock:
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