Chain length for new cassette?

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Any one know if a longer chain is likely to be needed if changing from a 12-25 to a 12-27 10 speed cassette?


  • drlodge
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    Impossible to say, it depends how the chain length was setup originally.

    If as I do, the chain is setup "as long as it can be" so on small-small there is minimal tension in the RD and the RD has sufficient capacity, then it'll be fine. However it the chain length was setup on big-big minus a link, then it'll likely be too short.
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  • Ian.B
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    Thanks, I checked when I got home and I think it will be OK
  • MichaelW
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    see here
  • The Rookie
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    If it was sized properly, yes it will need correcting, if it was sized as per drlodge then probably not!
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  • Ian.B
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    In fact it was long enough for a 29T. Thanks for the input.