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Please help me find my bikes which were stolen last night 2:30am from the South Side of Edinburgh, Gilmerton area. The little b£@$@ broke into my shed through 3 sets of locks to get away with :

Orange 5 Pro – 2012 model serial number NM 1205012G

Blue, orange 5 pro with maxel rear end upgrade, purchased from Alpine Bikes Glentress.

handlebar has a layer of tape, with a pier of inner tube under the tape which is used to hold a night light in place, even if removed there will be a mark left on the handlebar. non standard stem fitted.


On-One Scandal Custom build - serial Y11061434

custom build black on-one scandal with rock shox SID 100ml forks, Shimano Disk Brakes, slx cranks 2 (ring) x9 front and rear, Thompson layback post, red cable outers, hope red hubs on stans ztr flow rims


On-One inbred Slot dropout (Single Speed) – custom build Serial y10050354

custom build On-one inbred slot dropout, superstar hubs (Single Speed rear) on sentinel rims, Rebs forks 100mm, race face SS cranks, Shimano (Black) bottom bracket and headset, salsa silver seat QR, Hope wheel QR's, SuperStar red peddles, red half link chain


Gary Fisher Tassa – womens specific bike – custom

Torra Forks, Hope Solo Disks, XT front and rear with XT cranks, white grips, Speed king tyres, red bottle cage.


any information would be appreciated

also caught the guys face on a security camera

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