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Convert or not ?

FishermanJoeFishermanJoe Posts: 31
edited August 2014 in Commuting general
Hi Guys

I use a Tricross for work commute but recently got the urge (no idea why) to find an old steel frame road bike and convert it to a single speed ! As a boy i always loved the look of the steel racers but was scared of those skinny tyres so stuck with my BMX !

Any way i stumbled a suitable project bike but now im having doubts about converting it to a single speed ? i decided to use it as is before stripping it, stuck a new tyre on the front and so far done nothing else and been using i to work mostly on small front cog and 3 or 4 rear cog to get the feel of a single speed, i have to say been loving it !

To be honest i think i prefer the feel of the skinny narrow steel frame over my Tricross ! certainly in the looks department but also the ride too :? if that makes any sense ?

Then i started playing with the gears ! :shock: never used this older type takes some getting used to ! They work fine !


Cost me £20 8) I still want to build a single speed but im tempted to leave this bike alone and try and find another project steel racer

Anyone else had a similar experience ? And should i leave it alone or convert it ! :?



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