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Boardman Hybrid Sizing, Please help!

PhixionPhixion Posts: 81
edited August 2014 in Road buying advice
Hey guys, I am waiting for a Boardman Hybrid Team to be built for me. After Halfords cocked up my original order of a Hybrid Comp I've been offered an upgrade to the Hybrid Team.

I tried the Medium in store but I only just had enough stand over clearance and the reach felt a bit of a stretch, also the seatpost was only out an inch or so.

Looking at the measurements the small should be okay - it's not much smaller than the Medium, but the instore staff keep saying I should be on a medium, even though it feels too big for me. The only measurement they seem to be taking in to account is my height.

I'm 5'8" with a 29" inside leg. Anyone here with similar measurements ride a Boardman Hybrid that can reassure me?

I've done a lot of googling and found someone 5'10" that rides a small because he too felt the Medium was too big.


  • duglissdugliss Posts: 235
    Get the small. I have a 2008 hybrid comp in a small and I`m exactly the same height and inside leg as you. Don`t listen to the shop and get the small, you won`t go wrong. I`ve ridden a mates medium frame and it definitely feels too big
  • PhixionPhixion Posts: 81
    Thank you mate I really appreciate the info.

    I'm dreading getting there and finding it doesn't fit, I don't think I'd buy the Medium as it does feel too big and would be uncomfortable over long distances.

    How's the bike holding up anyway?

    I just can't believe Halfords don't stock at least a S/M/L within the range of the 4 adult Hybrids they stock, if only for sizing.
  • duglissdugliss Posts: 235
    The bike`s great still, don`t use it as much as I should but don`t hesitate on it. I promise you the small will feel just right. Get the shop to order one in and build it up, you can always walk away if you`re not sure but I`1d put money on you buying it. good luck
  • PhixionPhixion Posts: 81
    Cool, yep they are building it as we speak. Should be ready tomorrow but I'm not holding my breath.

    My local Halfords are terrible.

    If I was 100% confident on fit I'd buy it boxed and take it elsewhere to be built.
  • PhixionPhixion Posts: 81
    Found this post elsewhere: ... h-specsold

    Sizing looks good to me!
  • duglissdugliss Posts: 235
    Did you get it then?
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