Urgent headset help needed

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Hi all,
Today I went to replace the headset on my giant, all was going well until I tried to free the lower bearing, the bearing has rusted and welded itself in, the lower part of the sealed bearing has split off along with the ball bearings leaving the top part stuck in place. I tried to hit it out with a punch from the top opening of the frame but it is flush with the inside of the frame so you cannot get any purchase, I also tried drilling it but the drill bit didn't even make a scratch. I was going to try heating it with a blow torch but didn't want to risk damaging the frame.
Has anyone else had this problem or got any ideas what I can try next?
Any help appreciated. Thanks. Gaz
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    Take it to a shop with the proper tools, is my suggestion..
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    Soak in oil / release fluid e.g. Plus Gas and then try and use a small, flat-bladed screwdriver to lever the remnants out.
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    Al now sorted:-)
    I ended up cutting little slots using a dremel and once structurally weakened I managed to chip it free!
    Thanks. Gaz
    Even a stopped clock tells the right time twice a day