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I recently managed to fall off my bike (a Cube Agree), completely ruining the front wheel (and my collarbone!) in the process. The back wheel is still ok, but I can't find a matching front wheel anywhere (I had Easton EA50 aeros on).

So, stupid question time... apart from not being very aesthetically pleasing, is there any drawback to having different front and rear wheels? If there's no drawback, can anyone suggest a replacement front wheel? I do a lot of cycling, but not competetively or anything like that, so it doesn't have to be top of the range.

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  • smoggysteve
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    Nothing wrong with none matching wheels less aesthetics.

    What is your budget as the choice is huge. Personally I would just look at getting a whole new wheelset and use the Easton as a spare.
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    For a new wheelset (which, being a bike tart, I'd probably prefe) I'd be looking somewhere up to a max of around £400ish. If there's something absolutely brilliant for more money I could expand my budget. I don't want to pay too much though, since I only ride for pleasure (but ride almost every day, so don't want anything too cheap).

    One thing I hate about the Easton aeros is trying to put new tyres on. They have officially the most difficult rims to get tyres over. There were times I gave up and had to come back to it a few hous later, as my hands were too sore!
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    If your running 10 speed then Merlin are doing 2012 Ksyrium Elites for £330 delivered. ... AmyX8P8HAQ

    Great all round wheels.
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    Campagnolo Zonda. £260 at Wiggle.

    I've recently got these after riding EA50s for a while, miles better. 11 speed so more future proof than the Ksyriums.
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    The wheels on my TT bike don't match. In fact it's faster that way. :P
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    Thanks for the tips everyone. I plumped for the Campagnolo Zondas, as they had pretty much unanimously good reviews everywhere I looked. Should be arriving later in the week. :D