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Raymond & Burg Ltd anyone dealt with?

hammeritehammerite Posts: 3,408
edited August 2014 in Commuting general
Bit late in the day to be asking this... but I'm planning to pay Raymond & Burg near Tower Bridge a visit tomorrow to see what they have in stock as I'm interested in getting a Dutch style city bike. They put loads of adverts on Gumtree (such as ... 1074620244) but I've not heard much of them otherwise. Their website seems to point at a company based in Cambridge.

Does anyone know anything about them? Has anyone been to have a look round? or better still bought anything for them?

Just wondering whether it's worth my while as the visit would otherwise be interrupting a family day out in London! (also going to look at Britain Loves Bikes who I have been able to find more info about).


  • hammeritehammerite Posts: 3,408
    Visited them today. Bit of a strange set up, they're based at one of these storage places and have a lock up full of bikes that they have to move about to get to the ones you want to look at. The guy who shows you the bike is the mechanic who works on other bikes at a different lock up, while the boss who you have to call to get access is elsewhere. No idea where they source their bike from.

    Unfortunately I didn't manage to get to Britain Loves Bikes as time was against me, but in hindsight I probably should have gone there first instead.
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