New frame with tall Stack short Reach (and internal Di2)

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Hi Folks,

Looking to upgrade my frame, and would like similar geometry to my current Giant Defy. I'm 6ft, but with long legs and short torso, so trying to get a Stack/Reach ratio around 1.54. Currently S/R is 585/379mm.

Ideally looking for internal routing for Di2.

A Defy or a Trek Domane are the obvious choices, but the frame only options for those are £2000+ which is out of my budget.

Anyone have any suggestions?

Would consider a cyclocross frame for running chunkier tires, but would prefer discs if that is the case.

Anyone have any suggestions?



  • Crashs2k
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    I got a good discount off a Giant Defy Advanced SL ISP frame this week direct from Giant. Think they are getting rid of 2014 stock in readiness for the new line. Worth giving your local Giant store a shout.
  • cattytown
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    Rourke or Burls? You can get Exactly the fit you want that way.
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  • Mccaria
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    What about the Cervelos which run with quite a high head tube. The R3 in a 56 is 580/387 to give a 1.5 ratio. Reasonably good prices on previous year models.
  • Cyclosis
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    Maybe I'd be lucky to pick up a cheap 'last year' defy or R3, but is there anything from the cheaper sources like Planet X, Ribble, Dolan etc? To be honest it's a bit of a headache when half of these sites don't use stack/reach measurements consistently.

  • tp2000
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