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Budget entry level bike for women

DarceybmDarceybm Posts: 2
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I'm looking for an entry level cyclocross bike, as I'm a complete beginner, and I'd quite like one specific to women. I don't know how similar they are to road bikes in this respect, can women use standard cycloross frames with no problems? Any bike suggestions under £500 would be appreciated!


  • For less than £500 you are going to be struggling unless you want to buy secondhand. The only one at less than £500 I can think of is the Revolution Cross from Edinburgh Bike Company. There doesnt tend to be many women specific CX bikes, Evans do one but thats £850.
    They tend to have a smaller toptube compared to a road bike and are a bit more upright.
    I'd advise making sure it fits before you buy, so try it in person, especially if you are unsure about frame sizing.
  • fnb1fnb1 Posts: 591
    Darcey, 2nd hand at about that price point you should be able to pick up something decent, just check it over well, depends if the seller has used it for cross or just bought a cross bike for road use and did not get on with it I suppose. How tall are you? A small mens may be fine depending on your dimensions of course.
    fay ce que voudres
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