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joe blow track pump problem

snigsnig Posts: 428
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I have a Topeak joe blow track pump, I'm having a hard time trying to fit it to a presta value, sometimes it works fine other times it will not pump air into the tyre, the handle is impossible to push down after one pump, any idea what I'm doing wrong? I pull the yellow level to the opposite side to block the air coming out the other side, or is it a faulty pump? as the joe blow seems to get mixed reviews.

(I'm opening the presta value)


  • cookie56cookie56 Posts: 18
    I have a joe blow which I experienced similar issues with. Now I always "tap" the presta valve before affixing the pump and ensure the pump adaptor seats properly and everything works fine.
  • snigsnig Posts: 428
    cheers...yeah i did loads of googling last night as I just couldn't get it to work, came up with the tapping thing and also the pressure in the line has to max what's in the tyre before it will add any more air to the tyre, as the tyre was already half pumped up, I guess I needed to really force the air in, so had to get the air in the line to around 50psi before it would carry on pumping, seemed to work fine after i read that.

    was trying out a new mini pump, must say I was really surprised at how fast it pumped up the tyre, was considering buying co2 for flats but no need now.
  • drlodgedrlodge Posts: 4,824
    snig wrote:
    the pressure in the line has to max what's in the tyre before it will add any more air to the tyre

    This...also I find the amount you "push" the thing on can make a difference, sometimes no amount of pressure will put air into the tyre and I have to undo/redo the thing to make sure its on the right amount. Don't know if I'm pushing it on too far or not enough...I suspect too far.
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  • slowbikeslowbike Posts: 8,496
    tap ...

    I press it down and let a little bit of air out - that way I know it's free, otherwise the valve usually gets stuck and no amount of pressure in the pump will open it (well - no amount I'm prepared to try anyway)
  • oxomanoxoman Posts: 8,657
    As several have said tap or release air from the valve as it will stick and won't let any air in hence locking the pump up.
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  • snigsnig Posts: 428
    cheers all, glad to know it's not just me that had problems.

    I just thought it was either me not fitting it on the valve correctly or a duff pump.
  • Been having similar issues with mine. Just wouldn't connect with the valve. Eventually had to push it home really hard.
  • I've had this problem with every track pump I've had - tapping the valve does appear to be the solution
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