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tyre width?

snigsnig Posts: 428
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can someone please explain which width tyre your wheel with accept?

I understand about fork clearance etc,it's just knowing how wide/narrow I can go.

I have a set of ... _34734.htm



  • I don't think you can buy a 26inch tyre that would be too thin for those wheels, should cope with 1inch slicks fine, and equally you'll run out of fork clearance before the tyre is too wide for the rim.

    Fat bike tyres ie 3.8inch tyres would be ambitious with those rims

    Plus MTB tyres can differ hugely in width while claiming to be the same size.
  • snigsnig Posts: 428
    cheers, great was looking at 1.3 tryes,just to try them out.
  • InitialisedInitialised Posts: 3,047
    I've gone from 1.1" (28mm) to 2.35 on 26" MTB rims.

    You'll be fine with 1.3"
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