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Bike advice, another one.... Rose Pro DX 2000

CrankyGuy89CrankyGuy89 Posts: 23
edited August 2014 in Cyclocross
Hi everyone.

I'm looking at getting a new bike, (like most of us are ALWAYS looking!). My cycling so far has been on a road bike (2006 Giant OCR 2) and I'm looking to get something which can off road a little bit (more) too. I don't want to loose the speed on road, but want off road comfort too. I also do really fancy the idea of a touring hoilday, for a month or so, so luggage abitlity is a must. When I started looking I had a budget of £700, this has now more than doubled and I think I have settled on this bike, ... aid:721780

With upgrades to:
1) Seat post. Suntour SP12 - NCX
2) Front light. Supernova E3 Pro 2. (Black)
3) Pedals. SPD PDA530 Kombi-Pedal inkl. SH51 (Black). (Sometimes I wear cleats, sometimes not, I like the option.)
4) Lock. Abus Bordo lock.

This brings the bike in at a smidge under £1600. What do you lot think and about these Rose CX bikes, good for my needs or not? My other options which I have sort of dismissed for this bike is a CAADX 105 spec (£1,100) and Orange RX9 (£1,100). But they would need work to make them tour-able. Should also mention the missus won't let me have 2 bikes, one for road one for touring.... :evil:


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