Specialized Venge Bottom Bracket Query

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Have taken the plunge at last and purchased a second hand Specialized Venge frame that I hope to build up into my dream bike.
At present the frame has a BB30 bottom bracket and I want to run 11 speed Shimano Ultegra.
I am led to believe this will require me to have installed an adaptor to accommodate the Ultegra bottom bracket bearings.
I intend to use an FSA BB30 to BSA adaptor. Has anyone experience of doing this conversion. I have quite an extensive engineering facility at my factory including hydraulic presses and machining facilities and think we could do the job ourselves, failing that I would be happy to approach my LBS and let them do this conversion.

Has anyone else experience of this conversion, as I have had experience of both FSA cranks and Shimano in the past and prefer the Shimano option as my other bikes are Shimano equipped and I find them easier to maintain.

Any info. would be most appreciated


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    Not a direct answer - but you don't have to run Ultegra cranks - though I guess you know that (theres no real maintenance on cranks anyway - only on the bearings of course). For instance I have a BB90 (Argon) frame, and I run Camapg Chorus, but with a Rotor crankset using pressed in bearings (not an adaptor kit). As to the adaptor, I thing it's just a light interference fit - a bit like headset races used to be - so can be pressed in using an appropriate tool - or some washers and nuts on the length of studding, so easy to do yourself. I'd use anti-seize paste when pressing it in, rather than Loctite, but that's just me.
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    Praxis Works / Wheels Manufacturing kits are the best conversion solution around.

    If my Synapse didnt have BB30A I'd have done this, though thankfully my BB hasnt given me any grief so far.


    You're welcome ;-)