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Anyone suggest some good 'cross 28c?

dentalfundentalfun Posts: 8
edited August 2014 in Cyclocross

I'm due to do Race the Sun in the Lake District later this month, and I've only recently given consideration to about 10 out of 50miles cycling are off-road. Looking at what photos of the route this is likely to be trekking paths; rough and rocky, some gravel, but nothing horrendous.

Normally I'm a regular roadie/tourer and I have a Dawes Clubman. I'd hoped to be able to get a set of 'cross 700x32c and Bob's your uncle. Unfortunately I can't get the 32c I've got to fit between the chainstays, but I know that 28c will fit as I have a pair of winter road tyres this size. Will 28c be okay for what I have in mind? And can you recommend any? Because they seem to stop at 30c :?

Many many thanks


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