How Hard to Inadvertently Bend Steel Frame?

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This is probably a ridiculous question but I'm wondering how hard it is to inadvertently bend a steel frame. I have a Surly Long Haul Trucker Deluxe (the one with S&S couplers) and I jumped a bit to quickly put all of my weight (about 150 lbs) on the top tube to see if there was enough air in the bike tire. I'm guessing that I'm being overly paranoid but is there any way I would be able to bend the top tube by quickly putting my weight on it? There's no distinct bending in the frame but I'm wondering how I might go about checking for minor bending. Thanks!


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    Most people just press their thumb into the tyre to check pressure, or possibly even use a gauge. If the frame doesn't look bent, then it probably isn't.
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    Simple. Get a proper straight edge, like a 450mm ruler in plastic, and sit that parallel against the tube at a few points round it. Any bend will show up as a gap.
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