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Canyon or Rose?

jbike2014jbike2014 Posts: 14
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I am struggling to choose between these two:

the Canyon Roadlite 6.0 AL:


Rose Pro SL 2000: ... aid:745547

The Rose is slightly cheaper but I have never ridden either bikes...Does anyone have any recommendations?



  • The Canyon seems to have slightly more comfortable geometry so I am thinking that may be a factor..
  • curto80curto80 Posts: 314
    I honestly don't think you can go wrong. I have the carbon version of that Rose frame which I am addicted to. That said, the Canyon will be fantastic too no doubt. I'd probably pick the one you like the look of the most. Have a look at lead times as well to see whether the timetable works for what you need.
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  • smoggystevesmoggysteve Posts: 2,909
    Everyone I know seems to be buying Rose at the moment. Kind of cos they are just 30 minutes drive away.

    Anyway, the Rose offer a fantastic deal and from riding a few of them from those I know they are great bikes. The aero frames are brilliant.

    Another option is Focus. The Izalco is super cheap and along with the Canyon is a tour proven frame. I found a shop selling the Focus Izalco Team SL 3.0 for €3500 down from €6800 with Fulcrum racing carbon rims and Camapgnolo Record 11 EPS. Thats an amazing price. Also available was a Sram red 11 with Lightweight Meilenstiens for €4500 from €9500. Crazy prices but only if you can get to Germany.

    Either way you would get a fantastic bike. But I still think after all that the Canyon edges if for me.
  • Either would make a great bike.

    Personally I would go with the rose. Lighter, better spec and IMO the Rose Alu frame looks lovely....Well designed internal cables and smooth weld finish really does it for me.

    Other things like white bar tape on the Canyon that gets grubby and the ability to customize the Rose .... oh and by the looks of things Rose customer support and speed of service is better than Canyon at the moment... I would go Rose.
  • gethincerigethinceri Posts: 1,479
  • Thanks all for the responses!
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