Is this tyre still OK?

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Hi, I was out yesterday and managed to do this to my rear tyre, causing a puncture. Should I be looking at replacing the tyre, or is it still OK for now?
I guess it's about 5-6mm in length


  • ugo.santalucia
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    The tyre was in need of replacement even before the gash, can you not see it's completely worn and squared? :shock:
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  • lol that one doesn't look like it owes you much how many miles did you get out of it? remarkable is hasn't been puncturing "flat out"!
  • fwgx
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    Not sure exactly how many miles, I commute on it 2 miles each way, but not when it's wet (I have a fully kitted out hybrid for that). Around 1500 miles I guess.

    TO me it doesn't look like it has much less tred than this: ... _51824.htm

    Sounds like it needs to go, so I'll pop in to the shop today
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    That tyre looks as though it was worn out about 3,000 miles ago - surprised the inner tube isn't showing at the centre!
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  • keef66
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    fwgx wrote:
    ...TO me it doesn't look like it has much less tred than this: ... 1824.htm...

    It's not the lack of tread that's the problem, more how much rubber is left. The tyre would have had a nice round profile when new, and visibly squared off like yours when the central contact strip wears down. Next stage is increasingly frequent punctures, and an increasing likelihood that one will be terminal, as yours probably is.

    What tyre is it? 1500 miles doesn't sound like much to me, but it does look well worn.
  • DeVlaeminck
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    Looks like a kids tyre when they've been doing skids in the playground
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  • fwgx
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    I think the lighting makes it look worse than it is, but I went and replaced them. They were Felt tyres that came with the bike.




    And this is what happened... Looks like it caused the puncture repair to pop out of the carcass of the tyre