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I disassembled my falcrum 5 hub the other day just to check everything was ok as I thought the noise was an issue. After putting back together I think the freehub has got louder. Could this just be from a bit of grease being rubbed off by me when squeezing the pawls back in. The wheels are only a couple of months old.




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    Noise is a good sign, it means the pawls click freely, rather baing slow and gunked with mess. When you remove the freehub, take the time to clean it with a dry cloth, wipe the ratchet too and put a tiny amount of fresh runny grease. If it's your dry bike only, you can use mineral oil instead, which gives you a 0.01 Watt advantage
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    Ok thanks. What's the best grease to use?
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    Any, the one in the big jar.

    The lubrication demands of a freehub are pretty pants compared to some bearings and parts that rotate at several thousand RPM and high temperature in machinery. I would use something runny to avoid the formation of gunk. You can even dilute your grease with a couple of drops of mineral oil to make it runnier...
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    If it's your dry bike only, you can use mineral oil instead, which gives you a 0.01 Watt advantage

    Presumably the power saving is only when freewheeling :wink:
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    I avoid using any kind of neat grease in my freehub since I was left stranded miles away from home when the pawl springs gummed up. I now just dip the pawls in a thick motor oil, wipe off the excess and reinstall.
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    the "best" oil is chainsaw bar oil, thick and very sticky, lasts an age, grease just get pushed away and oil runs out, you only need a few drops and the stuff is as cheap as chips.