which direct drive turbo?

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I'm looking to pick up a new turbo trainer in anticipation of a wet autumn and cold winter.

I'm particularly interested in the direct drive models, as I won't need to pick up a spare rear wheel (to avoid damaging my nice wheels), riser blocks, turbo tyres, and by all accounts they are much quieter and much more realistic.

I've narrowed my selection down to

1 - cycleops direct drive silencer

http://www.evanscycles.com/products/cyc ... --ec054201

2 - elite muin direct drive

http://www.evanscycles.com/products/eli ... r-ec054781

which are both similar prices. One is magnetic, the other fluid based. One has data (if you pay for their app), the other does not.

Which of these is the better model? I live in an apartment (so overall noise is critical), but want to be able to get a good interval/sprint workout in on one too. It'd mainly be used during the winter, and for brick triathlon workouts.


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    Elite Muin no question. One of the quietest on the market.
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  • Sorry to hijack the thread but I'm very keen to hear from people who might be able to offer a comparison of the Lemond Revolution and the Elite Turbo Muin. Noise isn't too much of an issue for me; I'm very keen to get something which can offer some feedback (whether this is mounting my garmin sensor on the flywheel or through something more sophisticated like the Elite has) and crucially which has the best possible road feel. I spend about 60 hours each winter on the trainer and need something which alleviates the frustration a bit!

    Any suggestions which might tip it in either direction would be greatly appreciated!

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    Have you heard a Lemond Rev? You might change your mind...

    I think DC Rainmaker may have tested both so it's worth checking on his site.
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    the wahoo kickr looks like an awesome piece of kit if money is no object