New chain time: SRAM or KMC?

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Turns out my PC1071 SRAM chain (on a Rival groupset) is a little worn, probably done a good 3500 miles so not surprising I guess. I've usually gone for KMC chains by default but there seems little difference in terms of price at Wiggle between SRAM and KMC chains. Is there much to choose between them? Has either got a reputation for being made of cheese??


  • Smoother running and look better if you go for gold
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  • munkster
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    Assuming you are being serious how is it smoother running just because it's a different colour? I've got a silver bike as well so not convinced a gold chain is the way forward anyway but am prepared to be convinced!
  • Nairnster
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    I would concur, the smoothest chain I have used was a gold x9. I don't think there is much between KMC and SRAM if they are maintained well though.
  • northpole
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    I'd opt for KMC over SRAM given the choice. Admittedly I only had a cheapish SRAM chain fitted in an emergency so it may be unfair to express a preference, but there you go!

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    There was a thread on this some time ago and Shimano 105 came out tops. :? Neither of the two you mentioned both of which I use and can tell no difference.
  • turbo1191
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    I had the same dilemma recently.. i bought the kmc X10EL GOLD. Night and day compared to the sram i had before.. silky smooth shifting..
  • drlodge
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    Always used KMC, except on my Campag 11sp when I use a Campag Chorus or Record chain.
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  • Bar Shaker
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    I looked into this a little while back and someone pointed me to a German mag test. The Dura Ace chain was by far the best on test for longevity.
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  • brettjmcc
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    Agree, I have recently put on Dura ace chain on my Synapse (SRAM and KMC before that). With my 'old' 6600 it feels better than the previous qualitatively.

    Oh and it was only £17 from Wiggle compared to double that for the equivalent SRAM or KMC I could find at the time. I have however used a link rather than the pin.
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  • Escher303
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    Chain Reaction are doing the KMC X10-93 pretty cheap at the mo' ... prod120676