Second Hand Zipp 404

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Hi everyone,

I've been looking at upgrading the wheels on my Boardman Road Comp (Mavic CXP22 with Formula Hubs) to some lighter and possibly more aero wheels.

I've been looking at the Campagnolo Zonda's for around £250 which appear to be the best value in their price range new but I have noticed some second hand Zipp 404's (Clinchers with carbon rim and aluminium brake surface) for around £450-500.

The Zipp's are lighter and significantly more aerodynamic than the Campagnolo's but I've heard that carbon rims don't last for very long when regularly used...

If anybody could say how much of a performance gain the 2 wheel sets would be over the mavics and over each other I'd greatly appreciate it. Which do you think would be the most suitable / best value upgrade?

Zipp 404:

Campagnolo Zonda:
Thanks in advance.


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    They are not full carbon rims, so your worries are unfounded. If you like to ride fast on wide roads and maybe throw in the odd time trial, the Zipp will give you a boost... if you like to climb and crest the windy moors, then the Zonda will be a safer and more sensible bet for every day riding
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    Not really comparing like for like there. So I'll tell you what you want to hear.

    The zondas will be 4 mph faster and the zipps will be 8mph faster.

    Now spend your money and save the economy.
  • Zipps on a Boarman, Where do I sign up?
    I'm sorry you don't believe in miracles
  • Thanks for all the replies.
    As I'm not competing in any races any time soon I think I'll just get the Zonda's and spend the money I saved on other parts if I need to.
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    Excellent choice.