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hi all I just got new bike its got 650 wheels and 2.2 tyres I cant find a size on garmin site for this size can anyone help so I can fit my comp on bike


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    Is this for an edge series Garmin and do you have the cadence sensors?

    If so it'l automatically calculate wheel size.
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    its the edge 510 I don't use the sensors ive put wheel sizes in manually on road bikes
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    cyclosteve wrote:
    its the edge 510 I don't use the sensors ive put wheel sizes in manually on road bikes

    What do you need wheel size for? It's using GPS to get your speed if you don't have sensors
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    As above if you don't have the sensors there is literally no need for the wheel size.

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    I have no idea what's going on here.
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    If you're not using any sensors then wheel size simply isn't relevant your computer will use the gps. If you have a wheel sensor though it'll be more accurate than gps for speed which gets hampered by trees, cliffs etc occasionally (unless I really did manage 200mph+ for 5 seconds on one ride)

    If you've put wheel size in manually for road bikes why not put it in for your mtb manually? Put the valve at the bottom of the wheel, mark a line on the floor, roll forwards one complete revolution till the valve is back at the bottom and mark another line then measure the distance in mm between the two lines. To be most accurate you should be sat on it with tyres pumped to your usual psi.
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    thanks for that folks will let gps do the work