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I have lost my Garmin HR Strap, so need to buy another. Does it matter which make I buy, I have a Garmin 510 and a Lemond Power Pilot. I would like to be able to use the same strap for both. Any advice appreciated.


  • lesfirth
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    Hi there. I have a watch and a bike computer both with heart rate. Different makes but the chest straps are interchangeable.
  • redvee
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    If both your devices are Ant+, just buy any Ant+ strap.
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  • 29black
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    As redvee has said, you can go for any ANT+ compatible strap, however I would recommend to anyone buying a new HR strap to opt for the Wahoo Tickr as it's dual band, so ANT+ and Bluetooth 4 compatible which means you can use your smart phone or laptop as well!
  • FatTed
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    Thanks 29 I will check them out